The Obsession

Trying to balance time and energy so that I can find the will to write is sometimes difficult. Think of the things that drive you. For anything you want to achieve . . .

I remember an old girlfriend who said once that she thought I made things more difficult on myself so that I would remain focused on my passions. It’s stuck with me to this day mostly because I’ve realized that–to a certain degree–she was right.

With a great job–with a pretty good company–and an excellent income, where does one go for inspiration? 50+ hours a week as a professional in advertising sales, and all the social distractions that go along with that, can take a toll on anyone continuing to pursue passion projects. Sometimes I don’t know where my desire comes from . . . after all, I’m not 20 anymore. It was much easier back then. When I was in college. Broke. My whole life at that point was about propelling myself into the next social economic class, though I didn’t realize it at the time. But years later, I’m still not comfortable enough to forget my core. Where all my ambitions began.

Music. Films. Others’ success stories. These all drive me, sure. But I recommend that if you’re ever looking for inspiration, look into yourself. And never give up. For me, choosing the road of artistic expression isn’t elective. Never has been. It’s what keeps me sane through the rest of my life. So I continue to make hard, personal sacrifices so I have the energy, time, and drive to pursue and complete whatever project I’m working on. For the last 4 years, it’s been The Silent Partner. If you’ve found yourself drained of the obsession you used to have, reflect. Will you look back at yourself years from now with regret for not doing the time?

After all, I don’t continue because I want to. I have to.


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