The Ridiculous Struggle

Some days it’s so hard. Four years plus into working consistently on this manuscript––the last year and a half quite diligently––I struggle to avoid burn-out. I write, therefore I re-write. I know what I’m pursuing with finishing this book is in no ways groundbreaking. Many others have done this before, and likely with better vision of how it would all end before they started. My vision became clearer through revision and new opportunity. New opportunity to get better and complete something of better quality than I could have ever imagined when I started. Now . . . I’m in the final stretch for the actual full manuscript. All four hundred pages of it. I go to NY in about 2 weeks to face agents that can respond to me in a multitude of ways. Some may laugh, scoff, yawn (please, no, I’d rather them laugh), or send me away with a threat to call security.

I wonder in a year or two from now, how I’ll remember my struggles to finish The Silent Partner.

Maybe I’ll recall something the great philosopher Miley Cyrus once sang: It’s about the climb. (Oh em gee.)


One response to “The Ridiculous Struggle

  1. You are brilliant Terry! I admire your hard work, dedication, and most of all the positive outlook you seem to maintain. I feel honored to know you. Have a great time in NYC!

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