The most rewarding and most daunting part of writing something–especially a project of large magnitude–is that you own it. (Conceived, written, and re-written by . . . ) No one can take that away from you. In fact, you can be solely blamed for it, should someone with discriminate taste–or even poor taste–dislike it. I recall a number of instances walking out of a movie theatre thinking, Who wrote that? I can’t remember ever blaming the production design director when not liking a film. It’s the writer(s) who I often commend or blame.

Tapping away at a computer keyboard is an activity that tests patience with solitude. Well over twelve hundred hours now on this project could bring me down sometimes, if I let it. Mostly because it’s still not done! (So sad.) Of course, my appreciation for precious alone time has allowed me to invest in something constructive. When I can close the world down, the best I can. But lately, things have been changing.

As I’ve been putting my production crew together and preparing to shoot the book trailer for The Silent Partner, the increased value of my crew’s strengths and vision continues to showcase itself. Getting the crew together has been a challenging and rewarding experience. I feel like Danny Ocean from Ocean’s 11, just not as debonair as George Clooney. (We’re still trying to figure out who is Brad Pitt.) We keep growing, with talented players with conviction, skill sets, and resources that will enhance the project and lift it to levels that we could only attain with each other’s perspectives, techniques, and gifts.

It’s an exciting time, now bringing what has been merely an idea, to life. Avatar started out as an idea. While I may be no James Cameron (far from it), it doesn’t take much for me to remember that great stories start somewhere.

As we move forward, I continue to discover new rewarding friendships, hoping I can somehow contribute to each member of the team’s growing visions of their own projects.


One response to “Collaboration

  1. I see a Bar-B-Q in our future. You couldn’t have expressed yourself any better in this. I have to admit, this is probably one of the most rewarding, educational, and self-realizational projects I’ve ever been involved in. I think everything you do should involve at least those 3 traits, but sadly, that’s often not the case.

    I didn’t ever imagine this to be easy, by any means. I also didn’t expect it to be as awesome. I feel like a kid, in a giant sandbox, getting ready to build an enormous castle, but can’t do it unless my friends are there to help. That’s exactly what’s happening here. And the sandbox is at your house. 🙂

    James Cameron, Ocean’s 11, the Three Stooges, TK, and Tom & Jerry all have one common: To Collaborate is to elaborate on each individuals skills and talents involved. Cheers to this project bro! You’re raising one hell of a team!!

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