I can’t remember the exact time when I reached the point in my writing when I thought, Okay, I can’t turn back NOW. Before then, I had a reasonable delusion of safety that I could stop and not absolutely humiliate myself. Then . . . somewhere between 2 – 3 years ago, a tricky little thing happened. Going backward wasn’t an option. It would’ve been costly in the sense of explanation (read: excuses) to my friends and family, a post-partem-like depression over the time and energy wasted, and, surely, a hit to my self-esteem (which some jovial pals might think I can use anyway, though I eagerly challenge). But sometimes you reach a point where looking back is a bigger mistake than moving forward, even if you crash and burn. At least then, it happens on your terms. This reminds me of a time when I was hiking in unfamiliar territory in New Mexico and thought, Yep, I’d get lost going back. Going forward was the only option. Luckily, I found my way . . . and had an experience that I’ll never forget. And I learned something.

The key to not crashing and burning has to be a well-executed plan. Preparation. A cultivated craft. Authenticity. Throw some luck in there, and great things can happen.


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