Shooting THE SILENT PARTNER’s Book Trailer

I’ve come across so many people who are interested–sometimes faintly–in hearing about the book trailer for The Silent Partner. So great, the things I hear: “What’s a book trailer?” “Is it a movie?” “So . . . anyway . . . I’m thinking about getting some veneers.”
At this point we’re about 65% through production, with the most elaborate and fun sequences ahead of us. We have a few more pivotal sequences to shoot and then the work in editing starts. Music is currently being arranged. Our Facebook page is alive and well (see the link in the menu on the left for The Silent Partner), and agents are receiving–and hopefully reading–manuscript submissions.
Through this process of, well, everything, there is no question of whether or not the project is done. In fact, the book isn’t a book until it’s published, correct? A manuscript–even a polished one–is just that. The roadmap to hopeful publishing. Except, I can’t be . . . won’t be . . . merely hopeful. This has to happen. The work’s got to be sharp, crisp, and ready for consumption. The best news: it won’t be consumption for one, being that my editor and I have both read it.
On our way.

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