When You Run Out of Ideas to Write About

There are many articles and books out there to help the discouraged writer in search of inspiration. With no one right way to do it, many of my writer friends and entrepreneurs are looking for their next awakening. What will spur their emotions and catapult their careers? (Click here for 50 ways that one writer suggests to help you dig deep. I particularly enjoyed the “Read alumni newsletters” idea.)

This weekend I saw Limitless, with a well-written screenplay by Leslie Dixon, based on the gritty novel, The Dark Fields , by Alan Glynn. If you’re unfamiliar with the story, it’s about a writer with writer’s block that comes upon a drug that helps him uncover his previously concealed and unknown brilliance. Of course, plenty of problems arise, his life is in danger, and he discovered that he really could write. If it was only that easy . . .

The movie made me think. First, I don’t need a drug of any kind to be neurotic about keeping my home clean. Next, I’m careful not to approach the subject of acquiring ideation as an expert because I, like everyone, know only what works for me. Where do good ideas come from? And where do you go when you run out of them?

I don’t read books on where to get ideas, but I do read books. And the news. Sometimes, when I’m busy or just irritated with the prospect of having to read the news––in any fashion––I watch it. Then, there’s music and movies. I share my time with motivating friends who have ideas for their lives and want to be more of what they are. Spend time with loved ones, because that’s where conflict is sure to come up. (You know it’s true.) I’m curious to see new places and when I’m trying to save money . . . I read about them. Or experience them in a more time-economical fashion, like going to new parts of town and visiting cultured restaurants. And listen to more music and watch more movies! (I really should play more outside.)

Then again . . . I could actually open one of my alumni newsletters.

This blog entry is dedicated to my good friend, Jerry Jao.


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