The Promotion of a Book or Book Trailer?

A book trailer exists to promote the book that inspired it. Now that there is a completed book trailer for my unpublished novel, The Silent Partner, the nagging question now is, “How much time should go into the promotion of the trailer versus that of the book?” The end goal is to get the manuscript reviewed, accepted, promoted, and read. The book trailer is merely a vehicle to help direct attention to the material.

Everyone educated about such conundrums has–so far–given me different opinions on this, so clearly there’s not one right way to go about it. Perhaps we’re all wrong, because often the most splashy news articles about writers’ success document how those visionary talents did something differently. The things these writers have in common with each other, from Christopher Meades and Steve Berry to Kathryn Stockett: perseverance in putting out their best work and an unforgiving desire to succeed.

The Silent Partner book trailer took 11 months to make, from script to final version of the official trailer (planned for a release on YouTube after its showcase in San Diego on September 21st, 2011). The book, though, took almost five years to write. (By “write”, I mean write, re-write, blow up, write again, revise, pull hair out, revise again, etc.) Now that it’s done, more time and energy can go back into agency submissions and–gasp–writing again. Production of the trailer has afforded me time to conceive the next novel.

The vision behind the trailer was to showcase a fresh, new story. Just that, there are two mediums used to tell it. If we can get people to take notice, just maybe we’ll be able to get representation for the manuscript, and we’ll have a book.

Then, it’s up to the cosmos.


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