New Ideas and the Old Project

The biggest problem working on a project is when you want to get started on another one. Been there? The juices aren’t just flowing, they’re growing, and you know that moving forward with another idea–or group of ideas–is a bad move when project number one hasn’t been completed to satisfaction. How do you cope?

Consider letting your new idea ferment a little, like a good chianti. (No fava beans, please.) Let yourself be even more inspired–if that’s possible–to finish your current work. Maybe you’ll move faster, or obstacles will know to move out of your way when they see you coming. (Don’t think of yourself as Moses. It will come off badly, I promise.) Embrace and document all of your ideas, big and small, and put them in a drawer, on a Word doc, or on a memo on your iPad . . . whatever . . . but don’t let go the focus of your current project. Get it done.

After all, wouldn’t you rather have one finished piece of work–to your satisfaction–than ten unfinished ones?



One response to “New Ideas and the Old Project

  1. I agree, I have two other novel ideas simmering on the back burner, but the itch to work on them has made me really focus on my current WIP. In fact, I waited, oh, five months before I was able to work on my current WIP because I was revising my first novel.

    Waiting, and letting ideas simmer (or ferment!) has definitely helped me intensify my focus when I *do* get to work on them and flesh them out.

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