I’ve written a couple scripts, one that I produced into an ultra-low-budget full-length feature called The Elvis Killers. That was twelve years ago. Since then, I’ve been involved with writing, acting, or co-producing several other projects, include the 16mm film, and thriller horror short, Grip. Surprisingly, it won two awards in the NY Film & Video Festival, and we released it on DVD in 2008. In March of 2010, I was a published contributor for a media textbook titled, Managing Electronic Media: Making, Marketing, and Moving Digital Content.

The project of the last four years, though, that has challenged my skill set and imagination, is that of my first novel, The Silent Partner. Friends and I produced a cinematic book trailer while I finished editing the book.

Of course, I have a day job. It’s here that I’ve developed an interesting and ever-changing career in media, have met some great people, cultivated a sense of pop culture, and habitually invested in an unsatisfactory 401K.

You can stalk me on Twitter @IMterrenceking or e-mail at terrencejking@gmail.com.


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